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Have you heard about the Fayrouz residential project or the Yasmine residential unit? You definitely dream of staying in a residential project like Azizi Orchid or Azizi Letters!


Azizi Developments shares this dream with you. From the very first sight, Azizi Developments devoted its efforts to serving you when its first concern became achieving what you wish for on the ground at reasonable prices. The wheel of production that produced all these real estate and residential units with its commercial projects is the production wheel of Azizi Developments. This is one of the companies established in Dubai to survive and thrive so that the community can thrive with it. From the beginning, its goal was to develop communities as a whole through the construction of real estate, the construction of residential units and the establishment of successful commercial projects.

When Azizi Real Estate Development Company builds these properties and completes all these businesses, it is fully aware and sincerely challenged that it is building what lasts and stays long, so Azizi Developments was keen to use the best materials and produce works, real estate and projects at the highest level of quality and service. . Azizi Developments has been striving to build its reputation since it was established in 1989. With the construction of more and more successful properties and condominiums, Azizi’s reputation in real estate development has been built and developed with the development of the properties it builds.

Perhaps the system and the company’s commitment to its core vision of building long-term relationships, mutual trust and mutual respect with its employees, customers and partners is what made it stand. The vision of this company is to build an integrated community by building real estate and residential units that provide you with the integrated lifestyle you desire. Its belief in the existence of specializations and cadres, and its belief in the principle of continuous knowledge, research and diligent development, is what enabled it to expand its services to cover a different sector of commercial fields through training, cooperative dialogue and creativity, as well as its dependence on transparency and its awareness of the size of its responsibility. Azizi Developments also uses the expertise of consultants in the financial, technical, marketing and legal fields. Among the areas of Azizi Developments are banking and financial services, energy projects such as oil and gas, real estate projects, residential units, construction, hotels and serviced apartments, business and also charitable works in the Middle East. Azizi Developments seeks to fully implement all these services and projects.

From the company’s belief that it is building a community, it has developed a business model to follow it regularly. This model contains everything that is important to the company. Where it relies in carrying out its work on three things: the environment, the economy, and society. Having set these goals towards her eyes, she set out towards real estate development in full swing. With the launch of each project, job opportunities increase and economic recovery increases, thus bringing about the economic development of society. The company also pays attention during the implementation of real estate building and construction projects to the safety of the environment, as it follows methods to protect the environment and is keen to implement residential and other projects in a way that does not negatively affect the environment. Because in the end, the goal of the residential projects developed by Azizi Developments is to create places suitable for high-end living, whether in terms of buildings or the surrounding gardens. The residential project is not only a building construction project, but a project to construct a lifestyle that you and your family are proud of. . Therefore, Azizi Developments participates and supervises everything from A to Z in site selection, market analysis, zoning, permitting, architectural planning, financing, construction, management, marketing and even leasing.

Azizi has invested more than $300 million in the UAE in real estate and banking. It has also carried out many projects in Afghanistan since 2002 with investments worth more than one million US dollars. As for its plan for 2020, it is to achieve a strong presence in 30 countries and invest more huge amounts of money in the completion of commercial projects and residential units through the delivery of 3,500 housing units in Dubai, worth $500 million.

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